• Space-Saving design, easy operation, durable, time-efficient steam Sterilizer with large capacity. Designed for high pressure sterilization of such items as: test tubes, glassware,liquids, surgical instruments, garments, human waste products and other items.
  • Just fill with water, set sterilizing timer, select sterilizing temperature, turn on sterilizing / drying switch. Operation is totally automatic. Illuminated pliot lamps display ststus and a buzzer announces the completion and cuts off  the power source. 
  • Durable and attractive polished stainless steel chamber, body and door with silicone rubber gasket.
  • Sterilizing temperature is manually adjustable 2 2 from 121°C-1.1 kg/cm to 132°C – 2kg/cm . It takes only 5 minutes to sterilize unwrapped loads ( not including sterilizing temperatuer build up time).
  • Automatic air vent expels unsaturated steam from chamber. The timer starts only after the preset pressure temperature is reached, ensuring complete sterilization.
  • Specially designed drying heater to ensures efficient drying of garments, instruments and rubber items.
  • Safety devices :
  1. Over heating protection switch
  2. Safety valve release excess steam.
  • Four heavy duty castors mounted for convenient movement.


Square Type Sterilizer GA-416 / 525 / 636

  1. Best series for space saving, may be placed with multiple layer mesh rack or trolley set for accommodating various sterilizing utensils such as appliance, bottle, fabric package, or even water agent contained.
  2. These series of sterilizer are suitable for precinct of surgical operation room; e s p e c i a l l y G A – 4 1 6 p r o v i d e s g r e a t convenience for emergency appliance and medical material and possesses great efficiency in emergency sterilizing. E.O. Gas system available on request !!.



  1. Automatic sterilizer, manual water feeding.
  2. Equipped with temperature meter and pressure meter.
  3. Can sterilize instruments and liquids.
  4. This autoclave is semi-automatic operated water feeding and drainage are operated manually.
  5. During the sterilizing process if water is not added or not enough, then alarm will run! This is to ensure sterilizing quality.
  6. Equipped with safety facility such as thermostat, pressure switch, safety valve, air drainage etc., to ensure the safety of usage.

Sterillzer Autoclave